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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  October 6, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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death of a border agent. why investigators where sayiare may have died at the hands of one of his own. we found out the unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level since i have taken office. a breath of fresh air for obama campaign with friday's job report. jobs are up, unemployment down. is it too little, too late? 500 convicted felons could be set free in massachusetts. why? this chemist allegedly tampered with evidence for the last nine years. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. victor blackwell is off today. it is 7:00 on the east coast. we have new developments in the shooting that killed a u.s. border patrol agent. the fbi now thinks he may have died by friendly fire. 30-year-old nicholas ivy was shot and killed this week in
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arizona. initially they said he came under fire after responding to a sensor that went off, but authorities say the only shell casings found at the scene were those belonging to the agents. >> as you know investigators have made evidence looking into the death. the result of friendly fire. the fact is, the work of the border patrol is dangerous. all of us wear the uniform and know that protect their communities against those who wish to do us harm. >> that news comes as homeland security secretary janet napolitano traveled to meet with officials and ivie's family. reacting to his death, napolitano said, "this tragedy reminds us of the risks our men
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and women confront, the dangers they willingly undertake while protecting our nation's borders." he is the third agent killed in the line of duty this year. a political super bowl with the super bowl of elections just one month away. the labor department says 114,000 jobs was created in september with the unemployment rate coming in at 7.8%. that is a drop of 0.3% from august. it is no surprise that in this season there are different views of the same numbers. the chairman of the council of economic advisors said the report provides further evidence that the u.s. economy is continuing to heal from the wounds inflicted by the worst do downturn since the great depression. but the former ceo of general electric jack welch tweeted this. "unbelievable job numbers. these chicago guys will do anything, can't debate, so change numbers." the partisan pushing continues this morning. >> on friday we learned that the unemployment rate is now at a its lowest level since i took
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office. >> friday's jobs report shows that america still desperately needs jobs. yet the president's central and so sole proposal means fewer jobs. >> finally start doing something to acatually help the middle class get ahead. >> we can't afford four more years like the last four. falling incomes, rising prices, 23 million americans struggling for work. >> congress needs to step up and pass my plan to create a veterans job corps to help our returning heroes find work as firefighters, cops. a few weeks ago republicans in the senate voted that plan down. ask them why someone who fights for this country abroad should have to fight for a job when they come home. >> i understand that the president must campaign. but he also has a job to do. while barack obama enjoys being president, he doesn't seem to enjoy the work required of being a great president.
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>> if we're going to keep this economy moving forward, there's no time for political gains. even in the political season. >> mitt romney may still be riding a wave after this week's debate, but can that momentum carry over to a win in a crucial battleground state like florida? we'll talk about that later this hour. just hours ago, three suspected terrorists arrived in the u.s. after being extradited from london, including the notorious masri. he has a hook for a hand and called osama bin laden a hero. the radical clearic and others are wanted for radical crimes committed in the u.s. in the 1990s. now, to that deadly libyan consulate attack that killed four americans, two tunesians are being questioned in connection with that. it comes at the request of the u.s. that placed them on a watch list. leon panetta said there is a connection between the two and the attack but hasn't given any
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specifics. as questions mount over security at that consulate state department e-mails to cnn show a request for a plane from a different embassy in tripoli. jill dougherty has more. >> randi, this was an investigation from what's called a security support team. now, those are special forces, they are deployed all over the world in hot spots, very dangerous areas to protect u.s. diplomats. in this case, they were deployed at the u.s. embassy in tripoli, libya. now, they were asking the state department to continue to use a dc-3 plane. they say they wanted it to transport their personnel around the country and also for diplomatic business, but the state department turned them down. and the state department says by that time there were commercial flights available. so, there was no need to have this plane and there was no need, by the way, they are saying, to spend money on that plane, which is a factor. they also say it did not affect
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the response to the attack that killed the american ambassador and three other americans. finally, they say when they evacuated u.s. personnel from libya after that attack, they used a chartered aircraft. so, this e-mail is all part of many of these investigations. it's part of the congressional investigation and there is that, there is also an fbi investigation and there is the state department investigation ongoing as we speak. the state department, secretary clinton say they are cooperating and october 10th is the first hearing of that congressional investigation. two people from the state department will be testifying. randi? >> jill dougherty, thank you very much. in colorado this morning, police have issued an amber alert following the disappearance of a 10-year-old girl. jessica ridgway who you see right there was on her way to school and never showed up prompting official toz call her mother. but the search was delayed because the mother, who works
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the night shift, slept through those phone calls. so far police searched the surrounding area and found nothing. the coach who won more college basketball games than anyone in history wants to set the record straight. pat summit said she left the university of tennessee on her own terms. on thursday, summitt supported a former colleague's lawsuit against the university. in it, summitt was diagnosed with alzheimer's and retired in april. she put out a statement from her affidavit saying it was entirely my decision to step down from my position as head coach of women's basketball at the university of tennessee. baseball's first ever wildcard game playoff may go down as the infield fly rule game. in the eighth a inning of the st. louis cardinals/atlanta braves game an a umpire made that call but made it late during the play. the play gave the braves an out.
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angry braves fans littered the field with cups and bottles. the game resumed after an 18-minute delay and the cards went on to win it, 6-3 and then advance in the playoffs. the league disallowed the braves protest of the call saying it was the umpire's judgment. wow. they are the fastest growing and second largest population group in the country. latino voters. they could be a decisive force in the race for the white house, that is, if they show up at the polls. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. good morning, washington. look at the beautiful shot of the whe house we're bringing you on "cnn saturday morning." one month away from election day. mark your calendars. we are taking an in depth look at the effect that latinos could have on election day.
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you know that saying, there are powers in numbers. latinos have exactly that. according to the latest census, there are more than 50 million latinos in the u.s. of those, more than 12.2 million are expected to show up at the polls on election day. that's just over half of latinos who are eligible to vote. these numbers are key for both president obama and mitt romney. so, let's bring in melanie who is the democratic national committee's press secretary. good morning, melanie. we just showed you the potential clout of latino voters with those numbers, but, as we all know, location, location, location. so, here are the states whe latinos have a major presence. the purple, key battleground states there. the big question, melanie, could the latino voting bloc be the deciding factor in several of these swing states, do you think? >> well, i think they are definitely an important factor in this election cycle and when you look at the issues that latino families care about, health care, education, the
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economy, the president stands leaps and bounds ahead of mitt romney on those issues. >> let's look at this, you mentioned the economy. the latest orc poll. when asked about economic conditions today, 61% of latino voters said the economy is poor. what do you make of that and how critical is that? >> i think when you look at the president's work to move this country forward, the unemployment rate, for example, is below 8% for the first time in his administration. businesses have created 5.2 million jobs since the president took office. the country is moving in the right direction. and we need to continue moving in that direction. we've come way too far to allow mitt romney to take us back to the failed economic policies of the past. and i think latino voters, like many middle class americans, see how far the president has taken us and they're not going to be willing to let mitt romney take us back.
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>> and staying with the economy here, 44% of latino voters say that the economy is issue number one for them. certainly no secret president obama is the big favorite over romney among latino voters. but, of course, some concern about voter turnout. we mention that a lot of these latino voters, many of them younger may not turn out on election day. so, will the poor economic conditions bring latino voters out? is that enough for them? >> well, again, i think when you look at the direction that the economy is going, middle class americans, latino voters know that we're headed in the right direction and we need to continue moving forward. we can't afford to let mitt romney take us back. and beyond that, the obama campaign has a very serious ground game in those states you identified. we are going to be on the ground every day, knocking on doors, registering voters and getting them out to vote in states like iowa and ohio. we are already getting people to
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the polls. those states are voting now. and the dnc and obama for america has got a vote bus tour that is in ohio today that is encouraging people to vote early. so, we're going to bring them out. >> you say, though, that we're heading in the right direction. certainly it looks like that when you talk about the unemployment rate at 7.8%. it has dropped. but the real important number here is that 114,000 jobs that were added. this doesn't keep up, though, with the population growth. so, as far as you saying we're heading in the right direction, i mean, romney and other republicans say that's not enough and indicates how sluggish the economy actually remains. so, is the jobs report really a as good as obama is touting it to be? >> well, the president has also said we have a lot of work to do. we need to continue moving forward. and that's why he has a plan to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs to invest in businesses and manufacturers that create jobs here in this country. to invest in 100,000 additional
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math and science teachers. to train 2 million additional workers at community colleges. to cut our oil imports and invest in clean energy jobs. the president has a plan to move aggressively toward creating more jobs and we need to continue moving in that direction. we can't afford to go back to the same failed economic policies of the past that mitt romney is promoting. >> melanie roussel, thank you, for joining me this morning. >> thank you for having me, randi. soledad o'brien has a special documentar"latino in america courting their vote" that airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we'll give you a sneak peek a little bit later this morning. the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in tennessee. two teenage brothers are behind this corn maze depicting president obama and mitt romney on their parents' farm. kind of tough to see there on
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>> anything on our menu you'd like to see? >> reporter: the food truck scene was missing something -- bacon. >> as i have gotten older. i didn't realize how much i loved bacon. my friends are like, dude, you always loved bacon. >> reporter: two years ago he was unemployed and decided to develop a bacon food truck. >> went on for weeks and weeks. our neighbors complained. >> our neighbors complained. it always smelled like bacon. >> reporter: bought a used food truck and bacon bacon was on the road. >> when i drive down the road and people pumped their fists, i knew i was on to something here. the response was awesome. >> reporter: lunch goers line-up waiting for anything with bacon, even dessert. >> this is a s'more one weame up with a few weeks ago. we run out of it and people get mad. i'm sorry. >> reporter: just the smell of
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bacon cooking at their prep kitchen attracted a crowd and an opportunity. >> we started selling breakfast and coffee and started growing into lunch and coffee bar and hours and days have expanded. who knows what's next.
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welcome back, 22 minutes past the hour now. glad you're with us. hospital workers in colorado are being told get a flu shot by the end of the year, or you're fired. part of a state program requiring 60% of health care workers to get the vaccination, but some hospitals have made it mandatory for everyone. if a worker refuses, they could be suspended and then eventually fired.
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now, some say it violates their rights. >> to me, it's against your civil rights. i don't want to get the flu shot and to me it seems like i'm being forced into putting a virus in my body that i object to. >> we need to have a workforce available when the public needs it, if they're sick. and i think people choose to work in a hospital. >> if workers have a medical condition that prevents them from getting the shot, they have to wear a mask. one hospital commented saying, so far all employees have been compliant. the number of cases of fungal meningitis is growing. the cdc reports 47 people have been infected and 12 more than its last update. but as many as 300 people were injected with the tainted steroid that is spreading the disease. it was distributed in 23 states, but has been recalled. five people have died. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has more on this. >> randi, it's worth pointing
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out, again, that we're talking about fungal meningitis as opposed to bacterial meningitis or viral meningitis. the type that you typically hear about being spread, for example, on college campuses. fungal meningitis can be very serious. any good news about it, it's not very contagious typically. in this case they now know people got this because it was injected into them through a contaminated steroid injection. what happened was that the manufacturer of the medication sends these drugs to a compounding facility to divvy up the doses or to concentrate the doses and then contamination occurred and the medication was sent to several different clinics and hospitals around the country. obviously, the numbers are pretty significant and they're probably going to go up, in part, because it takes a while for people to develop, to get sick. take a look there. up to 28 days before someone actually develops symptoms and then they can develop all sorts of things that are consistent with the pretty, with the really
4:25 am
bad meningitis. they could have stroke-like symptoms and weakness or numbness on one side of the body or another and swelling near the injection si and everything that is consistent the brain and spinal cord. headaches back pain, neck pain and, as you know, they can eventually lapse into unconsciousness and even die. the goal is now identify all those patients who received injections and make sure no more injections are given and if people are having any symptoms to make sure they get treated and get treated quickly. back to you. >> sanjay, thank you very much. mitt romney has made plenty of campaign stops in the swing state of colorado, but when this restaurant refused to be one of those stops, the backlash was immediate and extreme. the death threats and fallout. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. bottom of the hour now. welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. victor is off today. thanks for starting your morning with us. here are five stories we're watching this morning. leon panetta calling out afghan president hamid karzai for the sacrifices made by u.s. troops. take a look at this. i think it would be helpful if the president every once in a while expressed his thanks by the sacrifices that have been made by those who


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